, the free alternative to IClicker

I wanted to make my 100+ students class a little more interactive this Fall. So I looked into live Q&A tools.

The most famous one is IClicker. But I thought it was overpriced and I didn’t not want¬† my students to have yet another thing to pay for.

Then, I discovered

Classquestion can be accessed from any browser, both on smartphones and on computers. I’ve tried it in class with my students and it works like a charm so far. There are still a couple of functionalities that could be added (such as the possibility to include a TA for your class, or a full-fletched and seamless Canvas integration), but it really does most of what IClicker does.

What is more: it is completely free and relies on a donation-based business plan.

So I figured I’d make a little donation and save my students the cost of IClicker. It’s hard to evaluate how much money that saved them because IClicker has different pricing schemes and students may use ICliker in different classes. But if students want to use the IClicker app, the cost is around $20 per year (cheaper options involve buying a remote, which to my knowledge do not expire, …. until a new version of the remote comes up and is required by a teacher). So I guess I saved my 100+ students a total of anywhere between $500 and $2000 this semester?